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Music Technology


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Modular synthesizers was always something that intrigued me but seemed over complicated for the end result so that had put me off. My early experience with the Behringer Neutron patchbay had not alleviated this concern either as the manual contains no real information on it.

But nothing ventured nothing gained so I made the leap and started my own Eurorack, how advanced it gets will depend on cost, space and dedication.


Current Eurorack

Behringer Behringer Mutable Instruments
110 140 Plaits
Combined VCO/VCF/VCA Dual Envelope and LFO Digital Oscillator
2hp TipTop Audio Mutable Instruments
Buff Forbidden Planet Shelves
Buffered Multiple Multi-Mode Filter EQ/Filter
2hp 2hp Dreadbox
VCA ADSR Nostalgia
VCA Envelope Generator 3 Stage Delay
TipTop Audio Behringer Behringer
Fold Processor 1004 1047
Wave Folder Oscillator Multi-Mode Filter
Behringer Behringer Behringer
112 305 130
Dual Oscillator EQ/Mixer Dual VCA
Behringer Erica Synths Erica Synths
121 Black Multi V2 Black Wave
Dual VCF Buffered Multiple Digital Oscillator
Sputnik Modular 2hp TipTop Audio
Variable Waveform Generator Comb Z5000
Oscillator Comb Filter Multi-Effect Module
After Later Audio Bastl Behringer
FILThy Pizza CM1A
Multi-Mode Filter FM & Wave Shape Oscillator MIDI Interface

Updated - 04/06/2024

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