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Gary Numan - O2 Academy, Bournemouth
30 May 2024      


The 45th Anniversary Tour of the the albums Replicas and The Pleasure Principle.

No support act so, as far as I can tell, the complete albums played in full plus a couple of tracks that didn't make the cut or ended up as B-sides.

A great gig.



Set list.

01. Replicas
02. M.E.
03. Me! I Disconnect From You
04. Films
05. We Have a Technical
06. Do You Need the Service?
07. Engineers
08. Observer
09. Praying to the Aliens
10. Tracks
11. Conversation
12. It Must Have Been Years
13. You Are in My Vision
14. Airlane
15. Complex
16. Down in the Park
17. The Machman
18. Metal
19. Only a Downstat
20. We Are So Fragile


21. Cars
22. Are 'Friends' Electric?



Wolfgang Flur - 229 London
16 March 2024      


Wolfgang Flur, one of the classic line up of Kraftwerk, in London so we had to go.

An interesting set, more a DJ set than a gig but high tempo dance music with many a Kraftwerk influence and some great nostalgic imagery of vintage Kraftwerk.

Good support from Tiny Magnetic Pets as well.







James - Royal Albert Hall, London
17 May 2023      


James with an orchestra and choir at the Royal Albert Hall is not something I ever expected to see so when it was announced it was a definite yes from me.

Went with the old Autoliv crew of Paul and Lee so once again good to catch up with them.

View was from very high up and standing which isn't great at my age but it was certainly a good experience. Good arrangements of songs to incorporate the extra elements.



Set list.

Set 1

01. Magic Bus
02. Beautiful Beaches
03. The Lake
04. Dust Motes
05. The Shining
06. Seven
07. We're Going to Miss You
08. Ten Below
09. Moving On
10. Say Something
11. Born of Frustration
12. Nothing but Love

Set 2

13. Bolero
14. Sit Down
15. Love Make a Fool
16. Medieval
17. Hello
18. Someone's Got It in for Me
19. Alaskan Pipeline
20. She's a Star
21. Just Like Fred Astaire
22. Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
23. All the Colours of You
24. Many Faces


25. Hymn From a Village
26. Tomorrow
27. Sometimes (Lester Piggott)



Midge Ure - Theatre Royal, Brighton
27 April 2023      


A bittersweet experience as this gig should have been in the company of my friend Graham Underwood who sadly died of cancer a month earlier.

This event ahad itself been delayed a year due to Covid.

For a man in his (very) late 60s he can still sing and a very underrated musician.

Great performance.



Set list.

01. Dear God
02. If I Was
03. Fade to Grey
04. No Regrets
05. The Voice
06. We Stand Alone
07. The Thin Wall
08. I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)
09. Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again)
10. Rage in Eden
11. Reap the Wild Wind
12. Mine for Life
13. We Came to Dance
14. Serenade
15. Hymn
16. Visions in Blue


17. Astradyne
18. Vienna
19. All Stood Still






ABBA - ABBA Arena, London
26 June 2022      


Well maybe not the real ABBA but certainly one of the most impressive 3D hologram experiences ever.

If you had not known it was not real beforehand you would struggle to know.

A great mix of hologram and a live band interacting with the audience made it a unique experience, I never got to see the real ABBA live but so glad I went to this.



Set list.

01. The Visitors
02. Hole in Your Soul
03. SOS
04. Knowing Me, Knowing You
05. Chiquitita
06. Fernando
07. Mamma Mia
08. Does Your Mother Know
09. Eagle
10. Lay All Your Love on Me
11. Summer Night City
12. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
13. Voulez-vous
14. When All Is Said and Done
15. Don't Shut Me Down
16. I Still Have Faith in You
17. Waterloo
18. Thank You for the Music
19. Dancing Queen


20. The Winner Takes It All



Gary Numan - Brighton Centre, Brighton
01 May 2022      


Gary Numan is back at the bigger Brighton Centre as opposed to the usual Brighton Dome, not sure this was an improvement as I quite like the Dome as a venue.

Musically the sound was immaculate, producing a very "heavy" sound, unfortunately, it was slightly lacking in the vocals. Not sure if this was dues to the sound of the venue or the strain in his voice of Gary himself.

Even with this shortcoming, it was still a very enjoyable gig.



Set list.

01. Intruder
02. Me! I Disconnect From You
03. Everything Comes Down to This
04. The Gift
05. Metal
06. The End of Things
07. Is This World Not Enough
08. Films
09. Pure
10. Resurrection
11. Down in the Park
12. And It Breaks Me Again
13. Dead Sun Rising
14. Cars
15. My Name Is Ruin
16. Love Hurt Bleed
17. The Chosen
18. Remind Me to Smile


19. The Fall
20. Are 'Friends' Electric?






Levellers - O2 Guildhall, Southampton
15 December 2021      


Well with the dreaded plague of “unknown” origin there has been little activity on the concert front and with another impending lockdown, this might be the last for a while.

I will admit I hadn’t read much about this concert beforehand and assumed it was promoting a new album when it was in fact celebrating 30 years of “Levelling The Land” which made it even better.

Still, without doubt, one of the best live bands around



Set list.

01. One Way
02. The Game
03. Fifteen Years
04. The Boatman
05. Liberty Song
06. Far From Home
07. Sell Out
08. Another Man's Cause
09. The Road
10. Riverflow
11. Battle of the Beanfield
12. Hope Street
13. Generation Fear
14. Food Roof Family
15. Truth Is
16. Carry Me
17. Cholera Well


18. Our Future
19. What a Beautiful Day
20. The Devil Went Down to Georgia






Midge Ure - Theatre Royal, Brighton
22 February 2020      


Midge Ure doing the whole of Vienna and selections of Visage, what more could an 80s fan like me want?

The voice may not have quite the power of before but still holds up well and he can still play that guitar. The keyboard player also copied Billy Currie's solo's pretty well.

Seating could have been better.

A fairly drunken weekend was undertaken which included an argument with a guy sat in front of me because I was apparently talking too much during the support act but these things happen.



Set list.

01. Yellow Pearl
02. Visage
03. Blocks on Blocks
04. The Dancer
05. In the Year 2525
06. Mind of a Toy
07. Glorious
08. Fade to Grey
09. Astradyne
10. New Europeans
11. Private Lives
12. Passing Strangers
13. Sleepwalk
14. Mr. X
15. Western Promise
16. Vienna
17. All Stood Still


18. Passionate Reply
19. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
20. The Voice
21. Hymn






OMD - Portsmouth Guildhall
12 November 2019      


Been a long time since I’ve seen OMD, over 30 years since they have played Portsmouth and they still sound good even if the later stuff has been of less interest to me.

An ill Paul Humphreys meant that Souvenir had to be sung by Andy McCluskey but his effort was fine.

A few songs from the later albums I didn’t know, maybe it’s time I caught up.



Set list.

01. Stanlow
02. Isotype
03. Messages
04. Tesla Girls
05. History of Modern (Part 1)
06. If You Leave
07. Souvenir
08. Joan of Arc
09. Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)
10. Statues
11. Almost
12. Don't Go
13. So in Love
14. Dreaming
15. The Punishment of Luxury
16. Locomotion
17. Sailing on the Seven Seas
18. Enola Gay


19. Pandora's Box
20. Electricity



The Cult - Portsmouth Guildhall
29 October 2019      


Probably the most "rock" gig I've ever seen and I was not sure it would be my thing but what a great time was had by all.

Very, very loud but what a guitar player!.

Always a concern when you see older acts is that the singer's voice may have gone but no worries here.



Set list.

01. Sun King
02. Wild Flower
03. Automatic Blues
04. American Horse
05. Sweet Soul Sister
06. New York City
07. Edie (Ciao Baby)
08. Soul Asylum
09. Rain
10. Spiritwalker
11. The Phoenix
12. Rise
13. American Gothic
14. Fire Woman
15. Love Removal Machine


16. Lil’ Devil
17. She Sells Sanctuary



Gary Numan - 02 Guildhall, Southampton
5 October 2019      


Another trip to see Gary Numan, how many times now?

Celebrating 40+ years in music we got some old classics including That’s To Bad and My Shadow In Vain which I don’t think I’ve heard live since the 80s and Stories which I can’t recall him ever doing live.

He was even more chatty than normal and introduced a new song in Intruder which sounds great.

Support was by Kanga who was better than most.

Great gig



Set List

01. My Name Is Ruin
02. I Die: You Die
03. That's Too Bad
04. Stories
05. Metal
06. Absolution
07. Films
08. Down in the Park
09. The Promise
10. Cars
11. Here in the Black
12. Me! I Disconnect From You
13. The Fall
14. A Prayer for the Unborn
15. Are 'Friends' Electric?


16. My Shadow in Vain
17. Remind Me to Smile
18. Intruder
19. Jo the Waiter



Chvrches - Alexandra Palace, London
7 February 2019      


My first sample of Chvrches live and a good experience.

Was worried about an overdose of politics but we got none and just a rather chatty and fun Lauren Mayberry in a nice dress.

Sound wasn't great with bass that could give you concussion.



Set List

01. Get Out
02. Bury It
03. Gun
04. We Sink
05. Graffiti
06. Graves
07. God's Plan
08. Under the Tide
09. Miracle
10. Science/Visions
11. Really Gone
12. Deliverance
13. Forever
14. Recover
15. Leave a Trace
16. Clearest Blue


17. The Mother We Share
18. Never Say Die






Gary Numan - Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth
12 March 2018      


Return leg of his 2017 tour and Gary Numan opens at the Pyramid Centre.

As per usual the legend will not let you down, nice to see This Wreckage get a play as well.

No appearance of his daughter this time on My Name Is Ruin as she did at Brighton, I guess she has to go to school occasionally.

A very good support act in the form of Nightmare Air, they will require some looking up.



Set List

01. Ghost Nation
02. Halo
03. Me! I Disconnect From You
04. Bed of Thorns
05. Down in the Park
06. Pray for the Pain You Serve
07. Here in the Black
08. Haunted
09. The Fall
10. Mercy
11. Love Hurt Bleed
12. My Name Is Ruin
13. Cars
14. When the World Comes Apart
15. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?


16. This Wreckage
17. Metal






Midge Ure - Guildhall, Portsmouth
9 November 2017      


After a support act of Altered Images and to a lesser extent The Christians it was down to Midge Ure to headline.

This was the first time I had seen Midge Ure as a solo act having seen him many times as part of Ultravox and he did not disappoint going through some of the classic Ultravox songs and from his solo career.

The guy can sure play guitar and still has a great vocal range.



Altered Images - Guildhall, Portsmouth
9 November 2017      


Finally seen my teenage fantasy in Clare Grogan, only about 30+ years late!

Wasn't quite as cringe worthy as I was dreading and was well worth the money.

She was great fun, very chatty and also a good performance live.



Gary Numan - Brighton Dome, Brighton
16 October 2017      


The return of Gary Numan to the south coast last night to promote his most successful album of recent years Savage

Great concert as per usual, including his daughter Persia taking the stage for backing vocals on My Name Is Ruin.

Didn’t see the support act this time



Set List

01. Ghost Nation
02. Metal
03. The Fall
04. Remind Me to Smile
05. Bed of Thorns
06. Dead Sun Rising
07. Down in the Park
08. Pray for the Pain You Serve
09. Here in the Black
10. Mercy
11. Love Hurt Bleed
12. My Name is Ruin
13. Cars
14. When the World Comes Apart
15. A Prayer for the Unborn


16. I Die: You Die
17. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?



Kraftwerk - Colston Hall, Bristol
17 June 2017      


Not seen Kraftwerk since the Computer World tour of 1982

Tickets sold out very quick but we managed to get in at Bristol on an absolutely glorious day. Plenty of drink before hand, a necessity as we were going dressed up in traditional red shirt and ties.

Kraftwerk were visually impressive, never sure how much they actually play live but that's not the point. It's the total experience of one of musics great pioneers that counts.



Set List

01. Numbers
02. Computer World
03. It's More Fun to Compute
04. Computer Love
05. The Man-Machine
06. Spacelab
07. The Model
08. Neon Lights
09. Autobahn
10. Airwaves
11. Intermission / News
12. Geiger Counter / Radioactivity
13. Electric Cafe
14. Tour De France / Prologue / Etape 1 / Chrono / Etape 2
15. Trans Europe Express / Metal on Metal / Abzug


16. The Robots

Encore 2:

17. Aerodynamik
18. Planet of Visions
19. Boing Boom Tschak / Techno Pop / Music Non Stop






The Levellers - Guildhall, Portsmouth
2 December 2016      


Been a few years since I’ve seen the Levellers and don’t really listen to their music that much so not sure what to expect when I went last night.

As a live act they are awesome, apart from the leftie political intro I enjoyed every minute.

Almost worth missing Janet Devlin for….almost

Didn’t see any of the support acts and it was damn cold going home!


Set List

01. One Way
02. The Game
03. Fifteen Years
04. The Boatman / Boatman Jig
05. Liberty Song
06. Far From Home
07. Sell Out
08. Another Man's Cause
09. The Road
10. The Riverflow
11. Battle of the Beanfield
12. This Garden
13. The Shame
14. Truth Is
15. Carry Me
16. The Cholera Well


17. Julie / The Flowers of the Forest / The Crags of Stirling
18. Beautiful Day



Gary Numan - Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth
24 September 2016      


Just seen my hero the almighty Mr Gary Numan

Certainly one of the best gigs I have seen, he is a legend,

An all round good day after Portsmouth had a good win followed by a few beers.

Terrible support act though called I Speak Machine !



Set List

01. Replicas
02. Metal
03. Remind Me to Smile
04. Me! I Disconnect From You
05. Films
06. The Joy Circuit
07. You Are in My Vision
08. M.E.
09. I Dream of Wires
10. The Machman
11. Observer
12. I'm an Agent
13. Down in the Park
14. Tracks
15. We Are Glass
16. Are 'Friends' Electric?
17. Cars
18. I Die: You Die


19. We Are So Fragile
20. My Shadow in Vain



Money For Nothing - The Brook, Southampton
15 July 2016      


Went to see a Dire Straits tribute act at The Brook in Southampton.

Dire Straits are far from one of my favourite bands but it was a good evening and they are a very good tribute band. Musically spot on but I think he could lose the very cheesy headband.



Adam Ant - Portsmouth Guildhall
27 May 2016      


Saw the rather good Adam Ant at the Portsmouth Guildhall.

Always a bit of a concern when you see the “old-timers” trying to relive their youth but he was good, only the poor sound system which made his vocals indistinct marred the performance.

Personally I only knew about 1 in 4 of the songs but still a good show



Set List

01. Dog Eat Dog
02. Antmusic
03. Feed Me to the Lions
04. Los Rancheros
05. Ants Invasion
06. Killer in the Home
07. The Magnificent Five
08. Don't Be Square (Be There)
09. Jolly Roger
10. The Human Beings
11. Beat My Guest
12. Christian D'or
13. Stand and Deliver
14. Press Darlings
15. Vive Le Rock
16. Cartrouble
17. Desperate But Not Serious
18. Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)
19. Lady
20. Fall-In
21. Goody Two Shoes
22. Prince Charming


23. Get It On
24. Red Scab
25. Physical (You're So)



James - 02 Academy, Bournemouth
10 May 2016      


Another excellent concert from Tim Booth and the crew, have they ever done a bad gig?

Hadn’t listened to the new CD much prior to the concert so unfamiliar with some of the songs but the classics always enough to keep things kicking along although noticeably this time Laid was missed out along with Sit Down.

Also good to catch up with some of the old Autoliv crew in Paul Ryan, Lee Cornwell and Mark Stephen



Set List

01. She’s a Star
02. Dear John
03. Move Down South
04. Catapult
05. We’re Going to Miss You
06. Alvin
07. Surfer’s Song
08. Sometimes
09. Bitch
10. P.S.
11. Feet Of Clay
12. What For
13. Just Like Fred Astaire
14. Girl at the End of the World
15. Honest Joe
16. Sound
17. Attention


18. Say Something
19. Moving On
20. Nothing But Love
21. Come Home


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