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  Vampire Academy  




Rose Hathaway, a seventeen-year-old Dhampir guardian-in-training, and her best friend, Moroi Princess Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir, are living discreetly, having escaped from the St. Vladimir's Academy boarding school one year prior. Dhampirs are vampire-human hybrids trained to protect the Moroi, mortal vampires with a normal lifespan and death who tend to have magical powers and belong to royal bloodlines.

The girls are found and forced to return to St. Vladimir's Academy where they encounter the Strigoi, the undead vampires of legend, which Moroi become if they completely drain their victims of blood, or are turned. Lissa is ostracised by her peers as Rose starts to form an attraction to her Russian Dhampir mentor and fellow Guardian, Dimitri Belikov.

Mysterious messages threatening Lissa start to appear, written in blood on her wall and an exploding memorial to her family in the school church. They suspect that it is the work of classmate Mia Rinaldi, who had dated Lissa's now-deceased, non-monogamous brother Andre and now directs her hatred towards Lissa as the only surviving member of the Dragomir line.

Manipulating two other students using sex, she persuades them to help her spread rumors about Rose. Moroi Christian Ozera, viewed poorly by his peers as both his parents became Strigoi, tries to romance Lissa but Rose blocks him by lying to them both. Christian and Lissa begin to bond regardless.

Later, Rose investigates the disappearance of Sonya Karp, a teacher who helped her and Lissa escape, and finds video footage of Karp mentally unstable from using Spirit Magic. She also discovers that Lissa has the same rare power that the founder of their school St. Vladimir had, that of Spirit, a power which enables the caster to heal ailments, and saves the dying; however, using Spirit also drains the user's life energy gradually with each use.

Rose demands headmistress Ellen Kirova show her classified information on Karp, who reveals that Karp became Strigoi and escaped before disappearing. At the same time, dead animals begin to appear wherever Lissa goes. At the Equinox Dance, Rose discovers Mia is not responsible for all the dead animals. Soon, Lissa is kidnapped and Rose, Dimitri, and Christian rush to save her.

The Moroi responsible for the kidnapping and the threats against Lissa is Victor Dashkov, a previous candidate for the throne, who suffers from the chronic disease Sandovsky's Syndrome. He plans to use Lissa to cure himself, although the cure would eventually cost Lissa's life. Once captured and placed in the secure cells beneath the school, Victor explains to Rose that she bonded to Lissa is because she was "shadow-kissed", having been brought back to life by Lissa's magic.

While they are talking, Victor's daughter Natalie, who befriended both Lissa and Rose and was a very insecure student there, is enacting the tools of his escape. She'd turned Strigoi by draining her crush to death. Dimitri comes and kills Natalie and detains Victor.

During Vampire Queen Tatiana Ivashkov's speech, Lissa steps in and gives a speech of her own. She announces that Spirit is her type of magic, and that it is thanks to Rose that she can master it. Rose then meets Dimitri outside and asks about his feelings for her. He states that he can't love her because if there was any danger between Rose and Lissa, he would save her instead of Lissa. She gives Dimitri a kiss on the cheek and walks back to the academy.

In a mountain cave close to the academy, Karp leads a horde of Strigoi.


DIRECTOR(s): Mark Waters













Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway)
Lucy Fry (Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir)
Danila Kozlovsky (Dimitri Belikov)
Dominic Sherwood (Christian Ozera)
Olga Kurylenko (Headmistress Kirova)
Gabriel Byrne (Victor Dashkov)
Cameron Monaghan (Mason Ashford)
Sami Gayle (Mia Rinalidi)
Sarah Hyland (Natalie Dashkov)
Claire Foy (Sonya Karp)
Ashley Charles (Jesse Zeklos)
Edward Holcroft (Aaron Drozdov)
Chris Mason (Ray Sarcozy)
Ben Peel (Spiridon)
Joely Richardson (Queen Tatiana Ivashkov)

Dominique Tipper (Guardian Gabriela)
Bronté Norman-Terrell (Camilla Conta)
Ramon Tikaram (Mr. Meisner)
Harry Bradshaw (Bruno)
Shelley Longworth (Norrine)
Rory Fleck-Byrne (Andre Dragomir)
Alexander Abadzis (Lissa's Dad)
Elizabeth Conboy (Lissa's Mom)
Ryan Prescott (Nick)
Macey Chipping (Young Rose)
Will Tudor (Senior Novice)
Mia Maria (Blonde Royal Friend)
Laurie Davidson (Party Host [uncredited])
Anya Taylor-Joy (Feeder Girl [uncredited])

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