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Then Came You




Skye Aitken is a adolescent girl who is told she has reached the final stages of her cancer and has little time left. Calvin Lewis is a young man working as a baggage handler at the airport along with his father and elder brother Frank. At work, Calvin has a crush on Izzy, a flight attendant, but has difficulty talking to her. Calvin struggles to interact with others since he has a constant fear that he is dying. His doctor thinks he's a hypochondriac, though Calvin denies it, and advises him to go to a support group for those with cancer to gain a different perspective.

At the meeting, Calvin encounters Skye, who immediately shows an interest in him. Although he tries to explain to Skye that he doesn't have cancer, they quickly become friends and Calvin offers to help Skye finish her list of things to do before she dies. Initially annoyed with her blunt, unpredictable behaviour, Calvin eventually confesses that he enjoys being her friend and misses her when she's not around. Skye goes to a high school party with Calvin, where she sees one of her friends make out with Will, a guy whom she has a crush on. As Calvin and Skye begin to spend more time together, Calvin slowly overcomes his fear of dying.

Skye manages to set up a date for Calvin with Izzy, during which she falsely informs Izzy that Calvin also has cancer. Izzy then begins to show more interest in Calvin, and the two begin dating. Skye reveals to Calvin that she has always been aware that Calvin does not have cancer, even so, Calvin hesitates to tell Izzy the truth as he is worried that she only likes him because she thinks he has cancer. Skye learns from Lucy, Calvin's sister-in-law, that his mother "shut down" after the death of his twin sister in a car accident when they were 8 years old while their mother was driving. Calvin finally admits to Izzy on a date that he doesn't have cancer, but she breaks up with him because she is hurt that he lied to her. Skye decides to lose her virginity to Will.

Calvin becomes depressed after his breakup with Izzy and stops going to work, but his father convinces him to go back to work. Meanwhile Skye admits to Calvin that she was disappointed after losing her virginity to Will because it happened so quickly. After Skye passes out in public and is sent to the hospital, Lucy simultaneously goes into labour, allowing Calvin and Skye to be able to meet his new niece. Frank and Lucy announce that they want Skye and Calvin to be the baby's godparents, even as Skye points out that she does not have long to live. Calvin begins to have a panic attack but Frank helps him calm down and reminds him that Skye still needs him to be there for her.

Calvin makes efforts to help Skye finish the rest of things to do on her lists with a little help from Izzy and Skye's parents. Calvin reveals to Skye that he stopped celebrating birthdays for the sake of his mother after his twin sister's death. After Skye passes away, Calvin receives birthday cards in the mail from her to make up for the ones he didnít celebrate. He finally finds the courage to face his fear of heights and decides to take a trip on a plane. During take-off, Izzy and Calvin continuously make eye-contact with each other, implying that they may be planning to reconcile their relationship.


DIRECTOR(s): Peter Hutchings

















Maisie Williams (Skye)
Asa Butterfield (Calvin)
Nina Dobrev (Izzy)
Tyler Hoechlin (Frank)
David Koechner (Bob)
Peyton List (Ashley)
Tituss Burgess (Julian)
Sonya Walger (Claire)
Margot Bingham (Lucy)
Ken Jeong (Officer Al)

Colin Moss (Greg)
Briana Venskus (Officer Mya)
Ron Simons (Dr. Collins)
Angel Valle Jr. (Will)
L. Steven Taylor (Dan)
Francesca Noel (Hannah)
Ann Osmond (Ellen)
Crystal Tweed (Oncologist)
Ashlyn Alessi (Party Girl [uncredited])
Billy Thomas Myott (Party Kid [uncredited])

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Updated - 10/12/2023

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