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Thanks For Sharing

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Stuart Blumberg



Set in New York City, Thanks for Sharing centres around three people undergoing a 12-step process to recover from their sexual addiction.

Adam has been abstinent for five years. He's shown walking the streets of New York, tempted by sexy ads and gorgeous women on his way to work. Neil is a young doctor who's been court ordered to attend sex addiction meetings after he was convicted of frottage (rubbing against people in public). He's shown grinding against a stranger on the subway (and getting punched for it) on the way to the sex addiction meeting. Mike is a married recovering sex addict and group leader. He sponsors Adam, who in turn sponsors Neil.

They are all at the sex addiction meeting, talking about their progress. Neil lies about being one month sober to the addiction group. At the coffee shop social afterwards, Mike encourages Adam to date, saying "it's time." Adam says he's not sure.

Neil is shown being a good doctor at work, but also making inappropriate jokes, which gets him in trouble. Adam had asked Neil to do journaling work, but Neil has blown it off, watching porn instead. When Adam finds out, he says he can no longer sponsor Neil if he's not going to do the work.

Adam meets Phoebe at a party and they hit it off. They go out on a date, where Phoebe reveals she is a breast cancer survivor and her ex is an alcoholic. She says she refuses to date another addict, and while Adam assures her he's not an alcoholic, he doesn't tell her the whole truth about his own addiction. They begin a relationship.

Dede joins the sex addiction meetings, saying her addiction began from a very young age and sex is the only way she knows how to relate to men.

At Neil's work, he tries to excuse his behaviour the previous day to his boss, and by accident is caught secretly filming up her skirt. Only after he's fired does he admit to the group that he's out of control and intends to take his meetings seriously. Adam agrees to sponsor him once again, but demands that he isn't allowed to take the subway, and must attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Neil, clearly freaked out, agrees.

Meanwhile, Mike's son Danny, a recovering drug addict, has returned home and is attempting to make amends to his parents. He tells them he's been clean and sober for the past eight months, and has been travelling around the country.

Phoebe discovers a sobriety medal after sleeping with Adam and confronts him about it. Adam admits the sex addiction, and Phoebe seems judgmental. Which Adam says is why he was hesitant to tell her. She takes some time away from him, but eventually she returns, and asks him what his sex addiction looked like. He tells her everything: about the constant masturbation, hitting on every woman he met, one-night stands, and prostitutes. She expresses worry that he'll fall off the wagon. After Adam tells her his sobriety is the most important thing in his life, she agrees to resume their relationship.

Dede calls Neil in a panic, wanting to have sex with her abusive ex, but she can't get a hold of her sponsor. Neil is very compassionate and talks her through what the ramifications of her having sex with her ex would be. He literally runs to her location to give her support. She lends Neil her bike, and soon we see him embracing the biking lifestyle. Later they go dancing. They almost kiss, but don't.

Phoebe and Adam are having a nice dinner when they are approached by Becky, a young girl who is clearly one of Adam's casual flings. Phoebe makes a joke about it, but later that night she catches Adam on the phone. He says it's someone he sponsors. Phoebe doesn't believe him and asks to see his phone. At first Adam refuses but then relents. He was telling the truth but it's clear Phoebe doesn't trust him. Adam brings up some of Phoebe's issues, and the two have harsh words, with Phoebe leaving.

Mike and Danny get into a fight when Mike assumes he stole his mother's pills. Danny mentions Mike gave Katie hepatitis C, and confronts him about hitting him as a child. Mike slaps him, he attacks back knocking Katie over; realizing what he has done, Danny panics and runs out.

The next day Adam goes on a work trip to DC. There he tries to get hold of Mike for support, as he's afraid he's going to fall off the wagon. Since Mike is busy with family issues, Adam goes on a bender. He buys a laptop to jerk off to porn, and hires a prostitute.

Dede goes over to Neil's and helps him to clean up his house and burn his porn. She admits she has never been "just friends" with a man before.

Mike finds Katie's pills, realizing Danny didn't steal them. She tells him off for "always having to be right" and tells him to leave the house. While he is about to relapse with a bottle of bourbon, Katie calls to tell him Danny is in the hospital after a DUI. Danny says Mike is probably glad to see he fucked up, but Mike, clearly upset, hugs his son and says, "I'm sorry" over and over.

After he returns to New York, Adam invites Becky over, and they start doing daddy/daughter role play. It gets intense very quickly and Becky starts slapping Adam, daring him to slap her back. When he tells her he isn't into that, she freaks out and starts screaming and crying, then locks herself in the bathroom. In desperation Adam calls Neil, who takes the train to get to Adam's. He breaks down the bathroom door and discovers Becky has taken a bunch of pills. Neil switches to calm doctor mode and takes care of her.

Adam gets sober and apologizes to Phoebe, who admits she needed to hear what he said about her own issues. Neil confronts his inappropriately sexual mother, Roberta, and the addicts celebrate their sobriety.


Updated - 10/05/2024