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One And Two




The film follows a Christian family of four who live peacefully in purposeful isolation. The children, Eva and Zac, are able to teleport short distances, provided they can see where they are going. They use their powers for fun as they chase each other around the farm and drop into the lake. A large wall surrounds the family property. Their father, Daniel, is a stern disciplinarian who forbids them from using their powers as he believes them unnatural. His wife Elizabeth is extremely frail, suffering from seizures where she cannot breathe, and he believes her illness is punishment from God due to his children using their powers.

When Eva and Zac sneak out after dark to play and Elizabeth has a near-fatal seizure, Daniel punishes them by making them face their bedroom walls and nailing their clothes to the wall, preventing them from teleporting away. Despite this, Eva continues using her powers, while Zac refuses to join her. When she tries to teleport an injured bird back to its nest, the bird dies, revealing that teleporting with anyone would end fatally for that individual.

Eva continues to sneak out. When Elizabeth dies, Daniel blames Eva. He knocks her out, puts a bag over her head and sets her adrift down the river in a boat. He buries one of Eva's dresses in a grave beside her mother's on the family plot. He tells Zac that she is taken care of, heavily implying that he has killed her. Zac is furious and visits her makeshift grave to mourn. Eva drifts to a nearby town, where she is found and taken to hospital. Eva struggles in the modern setting. She escapes the hospital, ending up under a bridge by a river, where she meets three kind elderly homeless people. They feed her crackers and play the guitar by the fire until the police arrive, causing Eva to become afraid and teleport away. Eventually she meets a girl her age on the street, whom she follows to a youth home for girls. Soon, she runs away again and decides to return home to Zac. It is implied that she has a connection to Zac, as she is able to locate their home through teleporting short distances along the way.

Meanwhile, Zac is struggling living with Daniel. After a vicious argument, Zac grabs Daniel and teleports, unaware of the consequences. To his horror, Daniel dies shortly afterwards. The next morning, Eva arrives at the wall, teleporting into the air and then onto the ground before she hits it. Zac finishes burying his father and sees her in the woods. They run and embrace each other. As they mourn their parents, they burn their childhood home down as an act of renewal.


DIRECTOR(s): Andrew Droz Palermo













Timothée Chalamet (Zac)
Kiernan Shipka (Eva)
Grant Bowler (Daniel)
Elizabeth Reaser (Elizabeth)
Rayven Symone Ferrell (Danny)
Julie Haught (River Woman)
Randy Lowe (River Man)
Chantey Colet (Terry)
Corey Maher (Doctor)
Jeremy Freeze (Frank)
Rebecca Koon (Jamie)
Robert Haulbrook (Nurse #1)
Ed Pilkington (Paul)
Saia Grayson (Danny's Opponent)
Jalen Leach (Danny's Brother)
Monica Crumpler (Nurse #3)

Jay Cardell (Officer #1)
Al Julian (Officer #2)
Paul Pittenger (Country Man)
John Henry Scott (Amish Man)
Wendy Ahlstrom (Country Woman)
Jane Hardin Marsh (Amish Woman)
Todd Whittington (Man in Hospital)
Brenda K. Moss-Clifton (Grieving Family Member #1)
Yuliya Sherstyuk (Grieving Family Member #2)
Sherry Sparks-Jenkins (Grieving Family Member #3)
Emma Rose Warner (Grieving Family Member #4)
Zachary Dylan Brown (Hospital Nurse #1)
Marissa Waltz (Hospital Nurse #2)
Albert Guzman (Sick Man in Hospital)
Everett Jones (Counselor #1)

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Updated - 10/12/2023

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