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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay




After returning home from White Castle, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel decide to travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands so Harold can surprise his neighbor and love interest Maria as well as smoke Cannabis. At the airport, the duo encounters Kumar's ex-girlfriend Vanessa Fanning, who is engaged to Colton Graham, a college friend of Harold's whose family has political connections. While on the flight, passengers mistake Kumar's new invention, a smokeless bong, for a bomb and the duo is apprehended by sky marshals. Ron Fox, a neurotic and extremely racist Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, believes the duo are agents of a joint Al-Qaeda and North Korean conspiracy and sends them to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba against the advice of NSA Vice-Chairman Dr. John Beecher. After narrowly avoiding sexual assault by a guard at the detention camp due to the inadvertent assistance of two other prisoners, Harold and Kumar escape and board a Cuban refugee boat to Miami, Florida. They meet up with their college friend, Raza, at his home, who loans them a car so they can travel to Texas, hoping Colton can help clear their names.

Harold and Kumar endure several misadventures on their way to Texas, first crashing their car into an African-American neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama (in which the neighborhood offer to help), staying at the home of an incestuous sibling couple and their inbred son, then afterward escaping a Ku Klux Klan rally. Meanwhile, Fox tries to find them through several racist interrogation techniques. As Harold and Kumar hitchhike through a forest, they are picked up by Neil Patrick Harris, who manages to get them through a checkpoint set up by Fox, but then takes them to a brothel, where the mistress then shoots Harris for branding one of the prostitutes. When Harold and Kumar reach Texas, Colton agrees to help exonerate the duo. However, upon seeing Kumar reconnect with Vanessa, Colton instead delivers Harold and Kumar to Fox.

On the flight back to prison, Harold and Kumar manage to subdue Fox's men with a can of mace belonging to Harris and their fists, but Fox holds them at gunpoint, until an enraged Beecher intervenes, telling Fox that it's because of people like him that the rest of the world thinks Americans are racist and stupid. Beecher promises to get Harold and Kumar cleared, but trips and accidentally opens the cabin door, sucking out him, Harold, and Kumar. Harold manages to grab a parachute and he pulls it open for him and Kumar just as Fox falls by to his death, having jumped after them (without a parachute) to finish them off. Harold and Kumar land through the roof of a luxurious ranch, which turns out to be President George W. Bush's estate. After befriending and smoking kush with Harold and Kumar, the duo explains their misadventures and Bush gives them both a presidential pardon, and also gets the Secret Service to escort the pair to Vanessa and Colton's wedding. They expose Colton's betrayal to Vanessa and the guests, and Colton attempts to attack them, but Harold knocks him out. Kumar consoles a furious Vanessa by reciting a poem he wrote for her in college, and they reconcile. Harold, Kumar and Vanessa then travel to Amsterdam where Harold finds Maria, and the couples happily tour the city together while getting high on cannabis. A post-credits scene shows Harris coming to after being presumed dead outside the brothel.


DIRECTOR(s): Jon Hurwitz . Hayden Schlossberg







Kal Penn (Kumar Patel)
Neil Patrick Harris (Neil Patrick Harris)
Rob Corddry (Ron Fox)
Jack Conley (Deputy Frye)
David Krumholtz (Goldstein)
Eddie Kaye Thomas (Rosenberg)
Roger Bart (Dr. Jack Beecher)
Eric Winter (Colton Graham)
Christopher Meloni (Grand Wizard)
Danneel Ackles (Vanessa Fanning)
Beverly D'Angelo (Sally)
Missi Pyle (Raylene)
Jon Reep (Raymus)
Paula GarcÚs (Maria)
Crystal Mantecon (Venus)

Richard Christy (Kenny)
Amir Talai (Raza)
Josh Heald (Terry Air Marshal)
Ava Knighten Santana (Tammi)
Chantel Silvain (Trisha)
Echo Valley (Tits Hemingway)
Marisa Belinda (Jacuzzi Girl)
Claudia Pena (Jacuzzi Girl)
Ed Helms (Interpreter)
Jon Hurwitz (Dancing Devil in Costume Shop)
Hayden Schlossberg (Dancing Monkey in Costume Shop)
D'Anthony Palms (Light-Skinned Black Security)
Jimmy Lee Jr. (Terrorist [uncredited])
Nicole Graves (Girl at Party)
Krystal Mayo (Raza's Party Guest)

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Updated - 10/12/2023

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