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In 1990, Anna, a young Russian woman and victim of domestic abuse, will do anything to escape the life she is trapped in. A KGB agent, Alex, discovers Anna's predicament and recruits her as a field operative. After a year of training, she is told that for the next five years, she will work under senior KGB handler Olga; once the five years are up, she will be discharged from the agency and can start her life over again. However, the new director of the KGB, Vassiliev, refuses to honour the original agreement as he believes that former agents are a liability to the agency and that the only path to freedom is death.

Anna assumes the identity of a fashion model and starts a professional career in Paris, while completing various missions and assassinations. To avoid suspicion, she enters into a romantic relationship with fellow model Maude, endorsed by Olga. When the CIA uncovers her true identity, she agrees to work for them as a double agent with Agent Leonard Miller as her handler, in exchange for the promise of a new life in Hawaii. Miller asks her to assassinate Vassiliev, as the CIA believes that whoever succeeds him will improve their working relationship with the KGB. Anna kills Vassiliev while the two play a game of chess and proceeds to shoot her way out of the KGB.

She then arranges a meeting with both Alex and Miller, returning information to each that she had previously stolen, but insinuating that a copy had been kept and would be released if anything happened to her. Alex tells her that the information will be stale and worthless in 6 months, but Anna responds that 6 months of freedom was more than she had ever experienced before. By accepting the return of their data both Miller verbally, and Alex tacitly agree to allow Anna to disappear for as long as she can. The meeting area is under surveillance and Olga watches the meeting occur. Shortly after Anna leaves the meeting, Olga catches up to her and shoots her dead for betraying the KGB. Miller and Alex hold each other at gunpoint, with Alex refusing to let Miller help Anna before both men are forced to retreat. Miller then attempts to get video proof that Anna is still alive, but her body is quickly collected by medical personnel before he can do so. It turns out that "Anna" is a body double; the real Anna slips into the sewers, changes her clothes, and removes the wig from her shaved head before vanishing into the shadows.

It is revealed that Olga had earlier revealed to Anna her knowledge of the CIA's planned assassination of Vassiliev. Both women conspired to go along with the CIA's plan as Olga wanted to take Vassiliev's place. As Olga moves into Vassiliev's former office, she views a recorded message left for her by Anna, who expresses her gratitude to Olga but reveals she kept evidence of Olga's involvement in Vassiliev's murder in case her old handler betrays their agreement. Olga smiles in admiration and proceeds to delete Anna's file from the KGB's official database.


DIRECTOR(s): Luc Besson







Sasha Luss (Anna)
Helen Mirren (Olga)
Luke Evans (Alex Tchenkov)
Cillian Murphy (Lenny Miller)
Lera Abova (Maude)
Alexander Petrov (Piotr)
Nikita Pavlenko (Vlad)
Anna Krippa (Nika)
Aleksey Maslodudov (Jimmy)
Eric Godon (Vassiliev)
Ivan Franek (Mossan)
Jean-Baptiste Puech (Samy)
Adrian Can (John)
Alison Wheeler (Dorothée)
Andrew Howard (Oleg)
Jan Oliver Schroeder (Frederick)

Louise Parker (Sonia)
Sasha Beliaeva (Petra)
Greta Varlese (Renata)
Lauren de Graaf (Inge)
Mikhail Safronov (Anna's Father)
Maria Luss (Anna's Mother)
Sergey Bachurskiy (Moscow Cabbie)
Ernest Gromov (KGB Superior Officer)
Sergey Zharkov (KGB Sentry)
Eduard Flerov (Moli)
Julia Munrow (Vassiliev's Secretary)
Jess Liaudin (Olga's Technicien)
Christopher Craig (Piotr's Hostage)
Yuriy Zavalnyouk (Moscow Playboy)
David Coburn (CIA Chief)

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