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Love, Rosie

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Christian Ditter




Alex and Rosie are best friends. During Rosie's eighteenth birthday party, Alex kisses her whilst they are drunk, and realizes that he has feelings for her. The next day, while nursing a hangover and having had her stomach pumped, Rosie regrets having got drunk, and tells Alex that she wishes that the night had never happened. He interprets her words as Rosie just wanting to be friends, not realising that Rosie had no recollection of the night before.

Greg, the "fittest guy in their year", asks Rosie to the school dance. She originally intended to go with Alex, but accepts Greg's offer after learning that Alex is thinking about going with Bethany, the popular girl in their year. After the dance, Rosie has sex with Greg, but the condom slips off inside her.

Rosie aspires to one day run her own hotel, inspired by her father who works in a hotel as a valet, so applies and gets accepted to a hotel management course at Boston College. She rushes to tell Alex but finds him having sex with Bethany, which causes her to vomit.

Rosie discovers that she is pregnant but refuses to tell Alex, fearing that he will forgo his chance to study at Harvard to help take care of her. After he leaves for the United States, she gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Katie. Alex learns of Rosie's pregnancy from Bethany, after Rosie runs into her with Katie, and becomes the godfather.

Five years later, Rosie visits Alex in Boston and they spend the night talking and visiting places. The following morning, she discovers that his girlfriend, Sally, is pregnant. She criticizes Alex's living situation and tries to discuss it with him but he rebuffs her, saying that at least their child will have both parents.

Rosie leaves Boston infuriated. She reconciles with Greg, who had initially fled to Ibiza upon learning of her pregnancy, and they marry in 2009. Later, Rosie learns that Alex split from Sally after discovering that the baby was not his. She bumps into Bethany, now a famous model, and suggests that she look up Alex on an upcoming trip to the US.

Five years later, Rosie's father dies from a heart attack whilst on vacation with Rosie's mother. Alex attends the funeral and reconciles with Rosie. Meanwhile, Greg gets drunk and causes a scene. This prompts Alex to write Rosie a note saying that she deserves better and that he can be that better man. However, Greg intercepts the note and hides it from her.

Later, Rosie discovers that Greg is cheating on her and kicks him out. While disposing of his things, she finds Alex's letter. She calls him, but discovers that Bethany is living with him now and they are engaged. They invite Rosie to be the "best man" at their wedding.

Rosie plots to interrupt the wedding, but fails, as the church ceremony is over by the time she arrives due to weather interrupting flights. At the reception, she gives a speech, telling Alex that she will always love him, as a friend. Katie brings her best friend Toby with her to the wedding. Their friendship is reminiscent of Rosie and Alex's when they were children.

During a dance, Toby kisses Katie, who pushes him away and runs outside. Rosie and Alex follow to comfort her. He says she might regret pushing him away, and Toby might never recover and never find someone to replace her. Toby then finds Katie and apologizes for what he did. As he asks her to forget what just happened, Katie kisses him.

In that moment, Alex learns that Rosie does not remember the kiss that they shared on her eighteenth birthday. He realizes that he had been mistaken in interpreting her desire to forget that night as her wanting to stay platonic.

Using her inheritance from her father, Rosie fulfills her ambition of starting her own hotel. Alex is her second guest. When he arrives, Alex reveals that he ended his marriage with Bethany, and shares with her a recurring dream he has had about the two of them being together. Rosie and Alex then kiss.










Updated - 07/06/2024