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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

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Gil Kenan



Three years after the events in Summerville, Oklahoma,[b] Callie Spengler, her boyfriend Gary Grooberson, her children Trevor and Phoebe, and their close friends Lucky Domingo and Podcast, relocate to New York City to aid Winston Zeddemore and Ray Stantz in re-establishing the Ghostbusters. After the group captures a ghost in Hell's Kitchen, Walter Peck, the Ghostbusters' long-time opponent, threatens to close them down on account of his authority as mayor. To appease him, Callie benches underage Phoebe. Upset, Phoebe attempts to control her emotions by playing chess in a nearby park, where she encounters and befriends Melody, a ghost chess prodigy, who died in a fire.

Meanwhile, Ray and Podcast are collecting cursed objects for examination. Nadeem Razmaadi visits and sells them a strange brass orb with ritual markings belonging to his late grandmother. Ray suspects it is an apotropaic trap. After he tests its PKE levels, the orb unleashes a psionic pulse, which damages the ecto-containment unit dangerously near capacity at the Ghostbusters' firehouse headquarters. Winston takes the orb to his privately owned paranormal research center, run by his associate, Dr. Lars Pinfield. Using an experimental extraction device to harnessing spiritual energy, Lars is unable to extract anything from the orb. To learn more, he joins Trevor and Lucky to see Nadeem, who reveals the orb was kept hidden by his grandmother within a brass-lined chamber. Peter Venkman, brought in to help, discovers Nadeem has latent pyrokinetic powers.

Meanwhile, Ray, accompanied by Phoebe and Podcast, visits Dr. Hubert Wartzki, a research librarian at the New York Public Library. Wartzki explains the orb was built by four sorcerers called the Firemasters to imprison Garraka, a demonic god who sought to conquer the world with a ghost army, feeding on negative emotions to lower temperatures to absolute zero. They learn Nadeem's grandmother was descended from one of the Firemasters who prevented Garraka from accidentally escaping the orb in 1904 during a mock ritual conducted by members of the Manhattan Adventurers' Society, whom Garraka froze to death. Garraka was confined in the orb due to being vulnerable to copper alloys combined with fire and lacking his devil horns as a power source.

When the trio attempt to stop a ghost from stealing a phonographic recording of the club's ritual, Peck exploits Phoebe's involvement to shut down the Ghostbusters. After an argument with Gary and her mom, Phoebe runs away and takes Melody to Winston's research centre. She uses his extraction equipment to project herself as a ghost for two minutes so the pair can physically interact. Melody reveals she had been secretly working with Garraka, offering to free him in exchange for passage to the afterlife. Forcing Phoebe to recite the ritual chant, Garraka escapes, locates his horns and freezes the city. Realizing Garraka will free the ghosts in the containment unit, the Ghostbusters gather to defend their headquarters, aided by Nadeem, who dons his grandmother's brass armor and attempts to master his powers.

Garraka overpowers them and breaches the containment unit. Phoebe reconfigures her proton pack with copper alloys to strengthen it; Melody, betrayed by Garraka, atones by helping Nadeem utilize his powers to weaken Garraka. Ray entraps the god by utilizing the ruptured containment unit. Melody reconciles with Phoebe before departing for the afterlife to reunite with her family. As the city thaws, the Ghostbusters are hailed as heroes, with Peck forced to support the team and reinstate Phoebe. The Ghostbusters begin pursuing escaped ghosts across New York City.







Emily Alyn



Updated - 10/05/2024