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Paul Feig




Annie Walker is a failed woman. Her bakery failed due to the recession, wiping out her savings and causing her boyfriend to leave her. Having lost her passion for baking, Annie works a stressful, underpaid job at a jewellery store and shares an apartment with obnoxious British immigrant siblings Gil and Brynn. She has an unfulfilling, casual sexual relationship with the wealthy and self-absorbed Ted, who treats her like an object. The only positive presence in Annie's life is her lifelong best friend, Lillian.

When Lillian becomes engaged to her boyfriend Doug, she asks Annie to be her maid of honour. At the engagement party, she meets Lillian's bridesmaids: Rita, Lillian's long married and cynical cousin; Becca, Lillian's na´ve newlywed co-worker; Megan, Doug's raunchy and foul-mouthed but friendly sister; and Helen, the wealthy and snobby trophy wife of Doug's boss. Annie and Helen are instantly jealous of each other's friendship with Lillian and become increasingly competitive for her attention.

Annie's suggestion for a bachelorette party at Lillian's parents' lake house is overruled in favour of a Las Vegas trip planned by Helen. Unable to afford a first-class ticket and too proud to allow Helen to pay, Annie books a ticket in economy class. Annie accepts a sedative and liquor from Helen to calm her massive fear of flying and begins to hallucinate, suffering a paranoid breakdown that culminates in her being apprehended by a U.S. Air Marshal. The plane makes an emergency landing, and the party takes a bus back home. Annie apologizes, but Lillian decides it's best if Helen takes over planning the bridal shower and wedding.

Meanwhile, Annie grows closer to Nathan Rhodes, an Irish-American Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper who let her off without a ticket for broken brake lights. A former regular customer at Annie's bakery, he repeatedly encourages her to open a new one, though she is resistant to the idea. After a romantic night together, she panics and abruptly leaves when Nathan surprises her with baking supplies.

Annie is fired from the jewellery store after a profane argument with a teenage customer, and is later evicted by her roommates, forcing her to move in with her mother. She travels to Helen's home in Chicago for the extravagant bridal shower, which is Parisian-themed - an idea of Annie's that Helen had previously rejected. When Helen upstages Annie's heartfelt gift by surprising Lillian with a trip to Paris, Annie flies into a rage, berating Helen and Lilian in front of everyone and destroying the decor. Lillian kicks her out of the shower and disinvites her from the wedding.

As Annie is driving home, her still-broken taillights result in a car accident, from which the other driver flees. Nathan is the responding officer, and he admonishes her for blowing him off, not fixing her taillights, and not taking responsibility for her life. Ted arrives shortly after to give Annie a ride, causing Nathan to storm off in disgust. However, when Ted asks Annie to perform oral sex on him as he drives, she demands to be let out of the car and walks home, leaving him for good.

Megan visits the recently reclusive Annie, which motivates her to take control of her life. She resumes baking, gets her car fixed, and tries to make amends with Nathan, who ignores her. On the day of the wedding, Helen appears at Annie's begging for help finding Lillian, who has disappeared.

Helen apologizes to Annie, tearfully revealing that while sought after for her event planning skills, she does not have any true friends and feels lonely in her marriage. With some begrudging help from Nathan, they find Lillian hiding out in her own apartment, having become overwhelmed by Helen's extravagant wedding planning and fear of leaving her life in Milwaukee. Annie reconciles with Lillian and resumes her role as maid of honour.

After the wedding, Annie and Helen finally become friends. She also reconciles with Nathan, who arrives unexpectedly to pick her up after the wedding (possibly arranged by Helen). Annie and Nathan kiss, then ride away in his police car.


Updated - 07/07/2024