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The Brides Of Dracula

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En route to taking up a position in Transylvania, French schoolteacher Marianne Danielle is abandoned at a village inn by her coach driver. Ignoring the warnings of the locals, she accepts the offer of Baroness Meinster to spend the night at her castle. The Baroness's son, Baron Meinster, is said to be insane and kept confined. After sneaking into his quarters to meet him, she is shocked to find the Baron chained up to a wall. He says that his mother has usurped his rightful lands and pleads for Marianne's help. She steals the key to his chain from the Baroness' bedroom and frees him.

The Baron later kills his mother and drinks her blood. Marianne flees into the night upon seeing this, while the castle's servant Greta blames the dead Baroness for having allowed the baron to be turned into a vampire by Dracula. After chaining the Baron, the Baroness had been luring girls to feed him. Despite knowing the evil he intends for the village, Greta remains loyal to the Baron.

Exhausted, Marianne is found by Doctor Van Helsing the following morning and does not remember the previous night. He escorts her to the school where she is to be employed. Van Helsing then reaches the village inn and finds that there is a funeral in progress. A young girl has been found dead in the woods with wounds upon her throat. Father Stepnik, who had requested Van Helsing's presence, joins the doctor in his investigation, and the two try to dissuade the girl's father from burying her. Unfortunately, he does not listen, and she becomes a vampire. Stepnik and Van Helsing go to the cemetery that night, only to find Greta encouraging the girl to rise from her grave. The men try to stop them, but Greta holds them off, allowing the girl to flee.

Van Helsing goes to the castle and discovers the Baroness, now risen as a vampire herself, and the Baron. After a brief scuffle, the Baron flees, abandoning his mother. Knowing that the transformation was the Baron's revenge on his mother for locking him up, Van Helsing takes pity on her and kills her with a wooden stake the next morning. The Baron, meanwhile, visits Marianne and asks her to marry him. She accepts, much to the envy of her roommate Gina. The Baron later appears in Gina's room and drains her of her blood.

The next day, Van Helsing inspects Gina's body and orders that it be placed in a horse stable under constant vigilance. That night, Marianne guards the corpse. She is with the stable keeper, Severin, who is eventually killed by a vampire bat. A vampirised Gina then rises from her coffin. While approaching Marianne, she reveals the Baron is hiding at the old mill.

Van Helsing appears and saves Marianne from being bitten by Gina, who flees. Reluctantly, Marianne tells Van Helsing what Gina told her. He goes to the old mill and finds the Baron's coffin. He is soon confronted by both of Meinster's brides and wards them off with his cross. Greta, still human, wrestles it away from him, only to trip and plummet from the rafters to her death. The Baron then arrives, subdues Van Helsing and bites him, inflicting him with vampirism before leaving. After waking up, Van Helsing heats a metal tool in a brazier, cauterises his wound and pours holy water on it. The wound disappears.

Baron Meinster, meanwhile, abducts Marianne and brings her to the mill, intending to vampirise her. As the Baron attempts to hypnotise her to make her compliant to his will, Van Helsing throws the holy water at his face, which sears him like acid. The Baron kicks over the brazier of hot coals, starting a fire, and runs outside as the brides make their escape. Van Helsing runs to the sails and moves them to form the shadow of a cross over Baron Meinster, who is killed by his exposure to the symbol. Van Helsing comforts Marianne as the mill burns.


DIRECTOR(s): Terence Fisher







Peter Cushing (Dr. J. Van Helsing)
Martita Hunt (Baroness Meinster)
Yvonne Monlaur (Marianne Danielle)
Freda Jackson (Greta)
David Peel (Baron Meinster)
Miles Malleson (Dr. Tobler)
Henry Oscar (Otto Lang)
Mona Washbourne (Helga Lang)
Andrée Melly (Gina)
Victor Brooks (Hans)
Fred Johnson (Father Stepnik)

Michael Ripper (Coachman)
Norman Pierce (Johann the Innkeeper)
Vera Cook (Innkeeper's Wife)
Marie Devereux (Village Girl)
Susan Castle (Elsa [uncredited])
Jill Haworth (Schoolgirl [uncredited])
Walter Henry (Man in Tavern [uncredited])
Michael Mulcaster (The Man in Black [uncredited])
Harry Pringle (Karl [uncredited])
Harold Scott (Severin [uncredited])
Stephanie Watts (Foxy Girl [uncredited])

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